wxJavaScript uses modules (shared libraries) to extend the JavaScript language. This is done to reduce the load-time and the memory used. Beside the classes defined by the modules, there are also global functions defined by wxJavaScript itself. You can find the information about them here. Which modules to load is written in a script.

wxJavaScript has an Apache module which allows you to use JavaScript with the ported classes to create dynamic web pages. This Apache module is called mod_wxjs. You can also use a FastCGI server for running JavaScript scripts as FastCGI pages.

Before you write scripts it's important to know how the JavaScript runtime is constructed. Read this introduction before writing scripts.

CURL This module ports cURL to JavaScript. Documentation
DB This module implements all wxODBC classes of wxWidgets. Documentation
Expat This module ports the expat XML parser. Documentation
GD Create GIF, JPEG and PNG images with the GD module. This modules ports the GD library to JavaScript. Documentation
GUI This module implements all wxWidgets GUI classes. Documentation
IO This module implements the IO classes from wxWidgets. Documentation
MemCached The MemCache module provides a client API for a MemCached server. Documentation
MySQL The MySQL module makes the MySQL database available in JavaScript. Documentation
SQLite The SQLite module makes the SQLite database available in JavaScript. Documentation
TPL TPL is a template engine. Use it to generate HTML, XML, text, ... Documentation Logo Support This Project




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